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Success in business requires a team and a network of supporters and collaborators. We can help you strengthen yours here.

The unique offering of Innovation Campus is the easy access to USU’s cadre of innovative faculty, researchers, and hard working students. The Aggie Shuttle bus enables student interns and employees to quickly commute between the main campus and Innovation Campus.

The neighborhood surrounding Innovation Campus is great! Within walking distance, you can connect with researchers doing pioneering work in biology, bio-energy, power electronics, etc. all located right here on the Innovation Campus. Or you can connect with “out of this world” capabilities of the Space Dynamics Laboratory and the USU Research Foundation.

One of Utah’s network of Small Business Development Centers is located on our campus. They offer a wide range of services and assistance with critical functions such as marketing, accounting, business plan preparation, operations, budgeting and planning. They have a network of professional resources that they can connect you with to help your business grow.