Real Property Administration

The Real Property Administration Office oversees the administration of all real estate owned, leased or otherwise used by Utah State University and its wholly owned subsidiaries. This Office provides advice, guidance and professional expertise to the University in facilitating, preparing and completing agreements, transactions, contract, resolution of disputes, board agenda items, etc. that involve real estate matters. This Office also monitors and advises on the overall management activities of the State Institutional Trust Land Administration, especially regarding trust lands held for the benefit of Utah State University. The Real Property Administration staff reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance and the property office is located in rooms 156 and 158 of the Old Main Administration building.


Represents Utah State University in the negotiation and preparation of contracts and preparing approval requests, etc. for the leasing of rental or other use arrangements of facilities or land and for acquiring or disposing of any real property supporting institutional purposes. Coordinates the obtaining of any necessary approvals and completes the arrangements and contract for the leasing of most USU real property assets to third parties, such as the federal or state government, and for USU to periodically acquire or dispose of buildings and/or land through such arrangements. Advises on and reviews proposed real estate contracts involving ground leases, building leases, acquisitions and/or disposals of real property etc. in the Innovation Campus.

Cache Valley
Prepares and processes University real estate transactions that require signed approval by USU’s Central Administration, the USU Board of Trustees, the Utah System of Higher Education Board of Regents, and the Utah State Legislature, as appropriate for the respective proposal.